SAITH LIMITED BMPure - BioGas Upgrade Support & Services

Saith provide their  biogas upgrade plants on a design, supply, install and commission basis. We are willing to work alongside other contractors such as EPC and AD plant suppliers. Further to the standard plant supply Saith is able to offer supplementary systems and services to support its clients on the project and subsequent operation, including:

Saith is one of only a limited number of companies to have thus far been granted a license and it is a testament to the capabilities that Saith has been seen to offer.


  • Propane System
  • Odourisation System
  • Network Entry Facility or Grid Entry Unit
  • Outlet pipework to the nearest Local Gas Network connection from the NEF
  • CO2 capture and either storage or piping to a nominated consumer
  • Remote monitoring


  • Ongoing Service and Maintenance
  • Membrane Cartridge Service
  • Feasibility study or similar pre-implementation work
  • Fund sourcing
  • Planning
  • Grid connectivity

The  plant is designed according to Saith’s internal standards in accordance with relevant:

  • UK statutory regulations
  • British / European Standards
  • EU directives
  • Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers

Saith Limited is an ISO9001 and ISO 14001 Lloyds registered qualified company. Accordingly all work will be performed consistent with these certifications.

Download the BMPure brochure (please click on the image to download the BMPure brochure)

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