SAITH LIMITED BMPure - BioGas Upgrade Process

The heart of the upgrading process in the  upgrading plant is the Sepuran Green membrane. The membrane works by exploiting the differences in the permeabilities of the gases that pass through it. As the CH4 will travel more slowly across the filters than the unwanted gases such as CO2, O2 and H2, the CH4 will be retained within the membrane and thus pass straight through, whereas the “waste” gases will permeate through the filters.

However, for the membranes to function correctly at the highest levels of efficiency the overall process must be designed and configured to maximise the permeation rates, throughputs and conversely minimise the levels of impurities entering the membranes. This is where the Saith BMPure process design comes in.

The principal functions are to:

  1. Remove water and H2S to minimize corrosion.
  2. Reduce the presence of competing species and contaminants.
  3. Compress and heat the Biogas to the optimum pressure and temperature for the upgrading process.
  4. Removed the unwanted CO2 (and O2 + N2) to raise the calorific value of the remaining gas resulting in Biomethane.

The plant can be simplified into 5 stages, all of which combine as a single process.

Download the BMPure brochure (please click on the image to download the BMPure brochure)

Photographs courtesy of Evonik

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