Welcome to SAITH LIMITED. Professional services to the oil, gas and Petrochemical industries.

Based in the UK, Saith Limited is an independent engineering management consultancy that aims to provide high quality solutions that are tailored to meet our client’s needs.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of engineering projects and have the capability to carry out conceptual and detailed design in all engineering disciplines. Saith Limited aims to bring together the broad range of experience of its personnel to provide an innovative and professional service to its clients.

We specialise in working in the gas, oil and petrochemical sectors. Our clients include all of the major UK gas, oil and petrochemical companies as well as international aid banks and government agencies.

Bio Gas Saith has developed its BioGas Upgrade plant utilising the latest membrane technology, SEPURAN´┐Ż Green modules, developed by Evonik in Germany specifically for the purification of gases.

We routinely carry out feasibility studies that cover engineering, environmental and finance aspects. Our studies present clients with clear options so that they are in a position make cost effective management decisions on major engineering project investments.

Our in house personnel cover all of the major engineering design disciplines enabling us to produce bespoke engineering solutions that match our clients needs using industry best practices.

We have undertaken projects in the UK, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and The Caribbean

UK Engineering Design, Worldwide Engineering, Construction Engineering Contractor and Pipeline Engineering. Gas and Petrochemical Engineers.
Saith Limited is an Engineering and Management Consultant based in Hampshire in the UK that specialises in carrying out work for the Gas, Oil and Petrochemical Industries Worldwide. We carry the design and construction supervision of major and minor capital projects and provide a range of professional engineering services.
UK Engineering Design, Worldwide Engineering, Construction Engineering Contractor and Pipeline Engineering. Gas and Petrochemical Engineers.
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Saith Limited. Worldwide Environmental Consultants for Petrochemical Industries
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on telephone 01425 480286 or if you are outside of the UK then dial 0044 1425 480286

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